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For users of the music software Reaper:

Reaper manual:

Video tutorials: - - (not affiliated with Cockos)

Configuring audio and MIDI tutorial:

Midi editor:

Cheat Sheet

Ctrl Adjust track height
Alt Scroll horizontally
Ctrl + Alt Scroll vertically
Ctrl More precise movement / wheel
Shift Move without snapping
Alt Move item but not contents
Alt + Shift Move contents but not item
Item Edges
Alt Stretch item
Shift Disable snapping
Ctrl Ignore grouping
Faders / Knobs
Alt On mouse release, snap back to its original position
Ctrl + T New track
Space Play / stop
Ctrl + R Record
R Toggle repeat
F11 Toggle fullscreen
Alt + G Toggle grid lines
Alt + D Show / hide docker
Ctrl + M Show / hide mixer
Shift + F Show / hide fx window
Ctrl + Alt + V Show / hide navigator
Ctrl + Alt + X Show / hide media explorer
Alt + B Show / hide virtual keyboard
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